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Compendio Garibaldino di Caprera

Welcome to the Garibaldi Compendium of Caprera

Welcome to the abode of the Hero of Two Worlds, his Garden of Eden, where he spent twenty-five years, resting his soul, working the land and looking after his orchard, his vineyard and his orange grove.
The Garibaldi Compendium of Caprera is a site full of strong emotions and feelings allowing us to rediscover aspects of life often ignored in our day and age.
His home is proof of a thrifty lifestyleq and of the pleasure he found in enjoying nature on the island of Caprera.
This peaceful place enabled him to reflect and plan the great enterprises which changed the face of the nation; its spirit conceived that which the General put into practice, becoming one of the crucial figures of our Risorgimento.
In these surroundings, far from the city's din, with his animals by his side and his hoe always at hand, he was happy and wished to be buried in the little family graveyard which he had placed right at the heart of the farm.